Mole Control Training

This course in Traditional Mole Control along with its supporting material have been designed and produced by AWM (Training) in consultation with experienced, qualified mole controllers and is endorsed by the Association Of Professional Molecatchers.

This course has been running regularly since February 2008 with nothing but positive feedback from students

The full one day training is aimed at people who are just starting in professional traditional mole catching or those who perhaps have some experience but wish to expand their knowledge and skills in the subject.

The course which is lead by a professional trainer and an experienced mole catcher is based both in a classroom environment and outdoors. It combines theoretical input with active, practical learner participation.

The training includes:

  • Reasons for mole control.
  • The biology, characteristics and behaviour of the European mole.
  • Methods of mole control.
  • History of mole control.
  • Types of mole trap.
  • Adjusting, tuning and setting mole traps.
  • Tools used in mole control.
  • Topography and characteristics of mole workings.
  • Health, safety and risk assessment for traditional mole control.
  • Locating mole runs.
  • Setting and placing of mole traps.
  • Mole control site management.
  • Covering, marking and checking of mole traps.
  • Relevant Legislation.

Cost & Requirements

All relevant specialist equipment and materials are provided.

The training content and its location can be tailored for specific requirements by arrangement.

There are no specific entry requirements for the course but any individual needs or requirements should be discussed prior to booking.

Learners are provided with comprehensive training notes and sample traps to take away.

On successful completion learners receive certificates from AWM Training and also the Association of Professional Molecatchers.

Cost of the days training is £110.00 including lunch.


For dates of courses or to book a place on a course go to the 'Bookings & Dates' page


to view a video about using claw traps follow this link claw traps