Axholme Ferrets

Who are Axholme Ferrets?

‘Axholme Ferrets’ are a small group of friends who keep ferrets as pets and also use them to catch rabbits. We are members of the National Ferret Welfare Society and have close links with other ferret rescues and charities. We hold a certificate of registration under the performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925.

During the summer we attend shows and events providing entertainment and showing people how friendly and fun these creatures are, advising on ferret welfare issues and demonstrating ‘Ferret racing’. We aim to promote the image of responsible ferret ownership, dispel some of the myths surrounding ferrets and inform about traditional based methods of rabbit control and wildlife management.

What happens in Ferret Racing?

In ferret racing competing ferrets are introduced into tubes of equal length via starting boxes. The idea is that they run down the tube to the finish line at the other end. At the finish line the ferrets are not be touched until out of the tube. The winner is the first ferret to get the tip of its tail completely out of the tube. The thing is that ferrets being very playful characters do not always do this, they may go halfway along a tube and then stop or even reverse back out. At the finish they may infuriatingly come half way out of the tube but not so the tip of the tail is out, so allowing another ferret to come up and steal first place. The racing may not be fast but is fun. This provides for a very entertaining event for spectators. There is no form of betting or gambling associated with the racing it is purely a fun spectator event.

Experience and Background.

We have been providing displays and ferret racing at shows and events since 2007. Events we have exhibited at include: The Epworth Agricultural Show, The Festival Of The Plough, Epworth Steam Threshing Day, Auckley Show, Brocklesby Hall Country Fair, The Great Yorkshire Show, The Country Land Owners Association Game Fair. Wharton Hall Farm Park nr Gainsborough and Yorkshire day at the Maize Maze, Boston Park Farm, Hatfield Woodhouse. Most of these events we attend every year.
We are proud to be sponsored by Alpha Feeds Ltd, manufacturers of ferret, dog and other animal foods.

Axholme Ferrets team members include experienced ferret keepers, rabbit and mole controllers. They include a qualified and experienced trainer who has written and provides courses in traditional rabbit and mole control and a professional mole catcher.


Forthcoming Events

Please follow this link to the bookings and dates page to see where Axholme Ferrets will be appearing.